How to Create 360 Spinning Turntable Animation Loop of Product, with Color changing by Arnold, Autodesk Maya tutorial

 This is a time-lapse video shown on how to create a 360 Spinning Turntable Animation Loop with basic scene setting by using Arnold Render which is plug-in of Autodesk Maya. This is a quick trial test of Arnold render, and a simple demonstration to show the steps of setting spinning motion, setting color material blending in Maya, this skill and technique is for beginner to understand in this tutorial.

This video will cover the essential steps to create photorealistic product rendering image (Merry Christmas Mug for example), which the 360 turntable animation of product can be used to post on social media, online shop, e-commercial website to demonstrate to your customer, when you have idea/design/product, the 360 turntable animation is a good way to sell items to your customer. Enjoy~!

Have Fun with CGI, to make it simple.
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If you want to download the 3D model to do it yourself, you can purchase 3D Mug model at this link.

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