How to make Jewelry Product 3D Modeling and Rendering - Blender Tutorial for Beginners

These are a video tutorial for beginners to understand how to make Jewelry Design or Product Design Visualization by using 3D modeling and rendering by using Blender. This tutorial shows the basic knowledge and skill hoe yo make 3D modeling and rendering for 3D Jewelry, 3D Product. We can apply same technique to other 3D Product Visualization. Below is one of simple example to show the key procedures how to make 3D Diamond Ring from Image Reference to Final 3D rendering image. Hope this helps.

3 Steps to Make Hard Surface Modeling and 3D Rendering for Beginners :

1. Import Jewelry Product Design Idea Sketches into 3D software.

When explorer the product jewelry design idea, we always use hand sketch to draw a 2D view design. Therefore, the first step to make the design visualization is to import the design idea sketch into Blender 3D software. The below video is showing how to import the 2D image into 3D software, which is ready for 3D modeling with image plane reference.

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2. Jewelry Product 3D Modeling

It is process, 3D modeling is to build the vertex, edge, face to form a 3D shape in 3D space. Different Product should have different ways to build the 3D shape which is according the shape of the design idea. Below video is showing how to build the Diamond Ring in 3D shape.

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3. Jewelry Product 3D Rendering

After building the 3D model of Diamond Ring, if we are going make the design visualization, we need to setup the scene. In 3D rendering,  we need to assign the material shape into Diamond Ring.. For instance, apply Diamond material Shader into Diamond Gem Stone, apply silver material shader into Ring Bend. After apply the material shader, we need to setup the lightings to spot into 3D model to make the stunning 3D rendering. Please watch below video to go though the process of setup up 3D rendering.

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Bottom Line

These steps give the basic idea how to make Blender Jewelry 3D Modeling and 3D Rendering be created. There maybe some simplified ways to create rendering in near future, but the critical steps are required to have a 3D model, add color/texture/finishing on it, and setup a environment to render it. Let's play with Blender~!

Have fun with CG, to make it simple.

Thank you for reading. Hope this can help!

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