How to make a mug in Maya 

How to make a mug in Maya 

This is showing how to make a mug in Maya. This workflow is simple and basic for Maya 3D artist, and is good for beginners to understand how to make 3D modeling, graphic texturing, 3D rendering, and 3D turntable animation, with basic 3D skill.

How to make a bottle in Maya 

How to make a beer bottle in Maya 

We can use 3D software to make 3D packaging mockup. In this case study, we will go through how to make a beer bottle in Maya, which the 3D bottle can be used for 3D mockup, and thus to make a 3D rendering image for presentation uses or advertising uses. Below video shows few steps including 3D modeling, 3D Texturing and 3D rendering.

Things to model in Maya

Things to model in Maya

Autodesk Maya is a powerful software which can make 3D modeling, 3d rendering, Rigging, VFX simulation, CG animation etc. For 3D modeling, we can have many things to model in Maya, like as 3D Character Model, Transportation Vehicles, Architecture Building and a City, Environment Landscape, Consumer Product and no limits.

Maya Diamond

Learn How to Make Diamond in Maya 3D software

This is a 5 minutes timelapse 3D modeling tutorial for beginners, to show how to make 3D object of Diamond Brilliant Cut 3D shape model from 2D diagram in Maya. This will go though the basic 3D modeling technique to create 3D model, and to understand how to form a shape, in Autodesk Maya 3D software.

3D Packaging Rendering – How to make plastic bag with wrinkle texture

This is a timelapse 3D packaging rendering tutorial for beginners, to show how to create wrinkles texture on plastic wrapper by applying displacement map, to have the crumpled finishing on 3D shape of Cadbury Chocolate Bar Flowwrap. This video will go though how to make 3D packaging mockup using 3D rendering technique in Autodesk Maya …

Soft Drink Can 3D Model – 360 Turntable Animation

This is a 3D Product Packaging Animation Showreel to show the rotation of soft drink can. You can watch the wireframe rendering and metallic material finishing rendering in this video, that is created from Arnold renderer in Maya 3D software. The steps of 3D modeling process, please watch this video, Thank you for watching …

2D to 3D Box Modeling, timelapse tutorial for beginner

This is a timelapse 3D model tutorial, to show how to create 3D box modeling from 2D packaging artwork, an example to using McDonald’s Big Mac Box. This is quick demonstration to show the technique of 3D modeling with simple UVW mapping technique onto the model and fold it like as folding the real paper …

Short Animation of Liquid FX Simulation – 3D Object Drop into Water

This is a 3D Showreel Demonstration to show the Lemon dropping into Water, the dropping of 3D object to create the water splash, in normal speed and slow motion. This animation is created by Autodesk Maya 3D with Bifrost and rendered with Arnold. Thank you for watching this video, hope this video helps. More free …